A Szent-Györgyi International Mentor can be researcher working in a research laboratory abroad, who carries out scientific work of considerable international reputation, leads their own research group, engages in original experimental work, the results of which are published in highly prestigious scientific journals, as well as having a scientific and research relationship (or is planning on developing one) with a Szent-Györgyi Mentor of the NASE.


Their main tasks:

  • They get involved in the NASE’s talent management activities, which they provide free of charge

  • During their stay in Hungary, they give a lecture(s) in one or more NASE Scientific Laboratories and hold discussions with NASE Students

  • They undertake the hosting of NASE Students in their own laboratories and research facilities, thus developing the young person’s international contact network


Being accepted:

International mentors are selected based on their previous academic work. The decision to ask for their participation is decided on jointly by the directors of the University Education Program and the Foundation.



  • A certain amount of their expenses when visiting their Hungarian partner (Szent-Györgyi Mentor) will be covered in the event that, during their stay in Hungary, the International Mentor gives at least one lecture to Szent-Györgyi Students

  • They can recruit talented young people for their laboratories


Our international mentors: