Szent-Györgyi International Mentors of SzSA can be the researchers who work in a research centre abroad, who carry out scientific work of considerable international reputation, lead their own research teams, do original experimental work, whose research findings are published in prestigious scientific journals, and who have (or plan to have) close scientific and research contacts with Mentors in Szeged.

Their main tasks are

  • giving a lecture in Szent-Györgyi Dormitory once a year
  • mentoring Students

Getting in and dropping out

The selection and invitation of International mentors is based on their former scientific work. It is important to mention that the international mentors invited to the program but not meeting the expectations will drop out of the program, and their places will be offered to other International mentors. It is the Education Committee that is in charge of inviting or dismissing International mentors.


  • full reimbursement for the expenses of travelling to collaborating researchers in Szeged
  • recruiting talented young researchers for their laboratories