The National Academy of Scientist Education Szent-Györgyi Mentors are researchers at one of NASE’s Scientific Laboratories, who carry out internationally recognized scientific research, lead their own research group, and their publications appear in highly prestigious scientific journals.


Their main tasks:

  • Academic mentoring, teaching, and topic management of students admitted to the program

  • Giving students the opportunity to get involved in the activities of the research group they lead, providing them with the conditions for high-level research activity

  • Holding lectures for secondary school pupils and university students

  • Active participation in the seminar series to be organized for NASE students by inviting their renowned foreign collaboration partners (International Mentor)

  • Participation and presentations at spring and autumn Meetings of Nobel Laureates and Talented Students

  • Promoting the NASE’s University Education Program


Getting accepted and dropping out:

Mentors are selected on the basis of their previous scientific or recruitment activities (in a scientific student association). Mentors who have been admitted to the program but do not meet the expectations will be dropped from the program, and new mentors may join the program in their place. The directors of the University Education Program and the Foundation decide on the invitation of mentors.



  • They receive compensation for carrying out their duties

  • A certain amount of the cost of their international partner’s (International Mentor) visit to Hungary will be covered in the event that, during their stay in Hungary, the International Mentor gives at least one lecture to Szent-Györgyi Students.


Mentors in Budapest:


Mentors in Debrecen:


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