If I go out into nature, into the unknown, to the fringes of knowledge, everything seems mixed up and contradictory, illogical, and incoherent. This is what research does; it smooths out contradictions and makes things simple, logical, and coherent. (Szent-Györgyi Albert)

Szent-Györgyi Mentors of the Szeged Scientists Academy are researchers, who engage in internationally highly reputable scientific activities, supervise their own research groups, and whose works are published in prestigious scientific journals.

Szent-Györgyi Mentors are committed to participate in the education of the Szent-Györgyi Students, offering them the opportunity to join their research groups that provide the required conditions for research. Szent-Györgyi Mentors also personally assist in training and developing the young talents, primarily focusing on the importance of nurturing talent.

Szent-Györgyi Mentors also undertake to involve other mentors from among his or her foreign partners in the activities of the Szeged Scientists Academy as Szent-Györgyi International Mentors so as to provide Szent-Györgyi Students with the ability to participate in the projects of foreign laboratories as well.

Currently, there are 41 Szent-Györgyi Mentors supporting the Szent-Györgyi Students of the Szeged Scientists Academy. They are renowned and recognised scientists of the University of Szeged and the Biological Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and they are all part of a widespread international network of scientists and researchers. They engage in internationally admired microbiological, genetic and biomedical research.

Our Mentors: