May Brings Nobel Laureates to Szeged

May Brings Nobel Laureates to Szeged

Ada YonathNobel Prize-winning biochemists Ada Yonath and Aaron Ciechanover are set to visit Szeged on 26 May 2014 at the invitation of the Foundation for the Future of Biomedical Sciences in Szeged. The two world-renowned researchers will be guests of honour at the 3rd Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Talented Students. The University of Szeged and the Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences have been working in conjunction with the Foundation to organise this key event.

As part of the programme on 26 May, Professors Yonath and Ciechanover are planning to visit Szeged’s secondary schools, where students will have the opportunity to meet the two Nobel laureates in an informal setting.

Aaron CiechanoverThat afternoon will be devoted to science with an event hosted by the University of Szeged’s József Attila Study and Information Centre. It will provide a forum not only for our guests to present their current research, but also for students who have received grants from the Szeged Scientists Academy (SZTA) - established with the support of the Foundation - to give progress reports on their own projects. These are Szent-Györgyi Students who have won the right to participate in programmes of excellence at the University of Szeged through their successful grant proposals. Brief talks by Szent-Györgyi Mentors will then introduce the laboratories in which these talented young researchers take part in scientific studies and gain valuable experience.

The closing event of the day will be the Awards Gala at the Szeged National Theatre. During the Gala, both international and Hungarian guests will enjoy the exquisite beauty of Hungarian culture in a special performance by the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and the Szeged Folk Ensemble. The Gala will also feature the presentation of the Szent-Györgyi Talent Award. Established by the Foundation for the Future of Biomedical Sciences in Szeged, the Award will be granted on the basis of a decision made by the Foundation’s Board of Governors in conjunction with the two Nobel laureates. One condition for winning the Award is that the applicant has reached her or his outstanding research findings in Szeged.

The tentative programme for the 3rd Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Talented Students can be found here.

Due to the great demand, pre-registration is required for attendance at the event. For information on registration requirements, please inquire at

This bulletin has been released on behalf of the Board of Governors of the Szeged Scientists Academy (SZTA) based on information provided by András Varró, Board Chairman, and Péter Hegyi, Board Secretary.