Radnóti Grammar School receives National Base School title

Radnóti Grammar School receives national base school title

Szegedi Radnóti Miklós Kísérleti Gimnázium

On 22 September 2017. a cooperation agreement was conducted between the Foundation for the Future of Biomedical Sciences in Szeged and the Radnóti Mikós Experimental Grammar School Szeged. According to the agreement the Radnóti Grammar School is now a National Base School of the Foundation’s educational programme named Szeged Scientists Academy.

The parties agreed to build up a strategy focused on mutual advantages and utilizing the financial support provided by the Ministry of Human Resources. The goal of the cooperation is to enhance the ongoing talent care system and those skills of the students that could be applied at scientific researches, thus helping them to base their interest and orientation towards scientific university studies. At the moment the cooperation focuses on medical sciences, in the future they are planning to extend to further scientific branches as well.

In the cooperation the Foundation takes responsibility for providing training and electronic study materials for the high school teachers included in the Program. In addition, the Foundation is undertaking projects to improve the infrastructure and the equipment of the Laboratory. With this support the Lab can host researches concurrent with the Szeged Scientists Academy’s standards.

hódmezővásárhelyi Németh László Gimnázium

The Radnóti Miklós Experimental Grammar School undertakes providing the study location for the local events connecting to the Academy’s Program at least twice a month for a minimum of 2 hours each. They also agree to provide their laboratory maximum 10 times per school year as the location of 3-day study researches organized for students visiting from different high schools.

Another National Base School title will be given to the Németh László Secondary and Grammar School at Hódmezővásárhely – the signing will likely take place around the end of October 2017.