Szent-Györgyi scholarship

Szent-Györgyi  scholarship – significant increase of successful  applicants

Last year there were only two successful applicants among the students who enrolled the 1st year of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Szeged. Less than 20% reached the rather high entry criteria. Having realized that fact the Board has decided to extend the recruiting programme to secondary school students. In November 2013 the selected youngsters had a chance to get acquainted with their potential mentors, to visit the research laboratories, and in May they had the opportunity to meet two Nobel Laureates. The success was impressive. This autumn 10 students from the group of 40 young people could enroll the Faculty of Medicine in Szeged (they were among the best 25%) and 9 of those qualified for the Szent-Györgyi Scholarship. The rewarded ones stated that their decision to choose medicine was to a large extent influenced by the previous year’s Szent-Györgyi programme, while there were a few students who mentioned that without this programme they would have not chosen Szeged as their destination.

The results have justified the Board’s expectations so the programme will continue. On November 28 and 29 it will be the second occasion when the Szent-Györgyi Students, Youths, and Mentors will meet. The programme structure will follow the previous year’s with some slight changes based on benevolent suggestions of participants.

The new Szent-Györgyi Scholarship holders have already identified their mentors and the work can start! Sic itur ad astra.