One of the most significant novelties in the education process of Szeged Scientists Academy established by the Foundation for the Future of Biomedical Sciences in Szeged is the fact that it guides students through the steps of becoming a scientist from high school age. Accordingly, the first stage of the established education program focuses on the secondary school age group. The new feature in the initiative being unique in talent management in Hungary lies in integrating the developmental experience of secondary school experts with the professional knowledge of university academic staff. This makes it possible to introduce a novel form of education in which modern professional content assisted by the best didactic methods can provide several hundreds of young, interested students with getting insight into or even joining in the process of the most modern medical research.

Through the planned activities, the pupils can familiarize themselves with the outstanding scientific results of the University of Szeged, and experience the atmosphere of two significant towns of the South-Great Plain region, Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely. By ensuring pupils’ continuous improvement, we wish to offer them all these advantages in the hope of getting pupils to choose the University of Szeged to continue their studies at.

The professional background of the Secondary School Education Program (SSEP) is given both by the traditional talent management of biology and chemistry education in Hungary and by successful foreign examples. On these grounds, we worked out a detailed education plan of the SSEP, which includes autonomous learning, group lectures and conversations following them, taking part in conferences and laboratory exercises which can be performed in several locations.

The process contains important assessment steps because we will need continuous reflections on the program to ensure its sustainability. Therefore, after each event and program, the opinions and experiences of participants are to be asked, and on the basis of these, the education program is to be revised and modified if needed, with the aim of improving its efficiency.

The Objectives of the Secondary School Education program are

  • to offer an effective alternative to studying abroad
  • the introduction of the South-Great Plain region as place for learning and settling down
  • the introduction of the University of Szeged, as an attractive choice for higher education
  • effective help in biology education at secondary schools
  • community building and social sensitivity
  • bringing teachers working in the field of talent management together

The activities of the Secondary School Education program are

  • online teaching materials
  • laboratory exercises
  • team development programs performed in regional base schools
  • ’Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Talented Students’ Conferences
Laboratory work in TERMOSZ laboratory (Radnóti Miklós Experimental Grammar School), 2015