Szent-Györgyi PHD Student

In the first round Szent-Györgyi Students are admitted into the program for Szent-Györgyi PhD students. The scholarship amount at this level is HUF 150,000/month (on top of the scholarship provided by the University). The long-term goal of the Szeged Scientists Academy is to provide automatic admission to the university’s doctoral school. Any remaining places in the program will be advertised. A new applicant may join the grant system with at least 2 publications (top 25%, one of which has to be first author).

Students who enter the School at this level are no longer under publication pressure since their PhD requirements are already satisfied. For this reason they can join a major, relatively long-term project that may even span a number of years. During this phase, Students can concentrate on high-quality research at an international standard which will also expressly benefit the laboratory.

The researcher must attend at least one international conference a year, and both Mentor and Student must submit a report at year’s end. At the end of each year, the Board of Trustees will vote on whether a particular student will continue to receive the scholarship in the following year.

Within the PhD studentship period of four years the researcher must publish at least three articles with an IF of over 5, of which she/he is the first author in at least one. If the PhD student fails to satisfy the criteria, she/he may request an extension with a detailed justification, on which the Board of Trustees will make a determination. The deadline for completion may be extended by a period of no more than two years, but no scholarship will be disbursed during that period. PhD students who meet the criteria will get a certificate at the end of their PhD training. The three most successful candidates receive gold, silver, and bronze certificates (and the sums of HUF 2,000,000, HUF 1,000,000, and HUF 500,000). If the PhD student enters the next level of training, she/he will receive a one-time sum of HUF 500,000 upon entry. If the student drops out of the system within six years, she/he must repay this amount to the Foundation.

Our PhD Students: