Kerekasztal beszélgetés a Szent-Györgyi Hallgatók és Diákok részvételével a Nobel-díjasok és tehetséges diákok találkozóján

Round table discussions with the participation of Szent-Györgyi Students and Pupils at a Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Talented Students


Getting accepted and dropping out:

Students are admitted on the basis of an application and admission process in all four university cities. A prerequisite is that the young person applying to the program must be a first- or second-year student with active student status at Semmelweis University, the University of Debrecen, the University of Pécs, or the University of Szeged. Szent-Györgyi Students are primarily comprised of Szent-Györgyi Pupils. This opportunity is also announced to OKTV’s (National Secondary School Academic Competition) podium finishers, thus ensuring geographical openness to the program.

Fluency in English (at least on an intermediate level) is also a prerequisite for successful admission, as well as a serious dedication to biomedical research which is to be expressed in a motivational letter.

At the end of a given academic year, students must report on their scientific progress. After the English-language “Audit” before the scientific committee, a decision is made as to whether the student will remain part of the scholarship program in the following academic year. The place of those who drop out can be taken if another student meets the entry requirements.

Students who have been admitted to the program but do not meet the expectations, or who may, in the meantime, develop in a different direction, will be dropped from the program, but later, e.g. at the beginning of each academic year, it is possible to admit older talents who reapply as academic students.


Szent-Györgyi Hallgató előadása a Nobel-díjasok és tehetséges diákok találkozóján2

Szent-Györgyi Student presentation at the Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Talented Students


  • Monthly scholarship

  • Research opportunities in the laboratories of the best mentors in the country

  • Listening to lectures by outstanding international and domestic instructors

  • Dormitory accommodation in Szeged

  • English language lessons

  • Training in presentation techniques

  • Communication training



Every academic year, the NASE advertises admissions to its Scientific Laboratories. The requirement for applying is that the student have active student status at an institution of higher education included in the program.


Students admitted to the program are selected in the following ways:

  • First- or second-year undergraduate students at the University are admitted to the first year of the NASE program through an entrance exam. During the multi-step process, the examination board assesses the students’ mental readiness, creativity, scientific problem-solving ability, and English language skills. The exam is organized and administered by NASE’s directors responsible for secondary school and university education. To assess the candidates’ English language skills, a professional English language teacher can be called in to help. The best performing students are then invited to participate in the NASE program.

  • The NASE also welcomes the applications of undergraduate students with scientific interests studying in the upper years of university. 2nd to 6th year undergraduate students must prove their record of excellence in scientific research in comparison with the best of their contemporaries in order to be awarded a NASE scholarship. This presupposes particularly successful participation in local and national Scientific Student Associations (SSA), as well as first and/or co-authorship in scientific publication(s).



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