The regional objectives are

  • to establish an internationally outstanding region for science, which creates the possibility of a bustling scientific life and may serve as a basis for a new Nobel Prize
  • to retain the most talented students of the region in Szeged
  • to attract the most talented pupils of Hungary and the surrounding countries to Szeged
  • to develop the educational institutions of the region
  • to attempt to implement a content-based and organizational reform of higher education in Szeged, which may become an important, leading element of the program


The national objectives are

  • to retain the most talented students of the country in Hungary
  • to find and bring resources from abroad, mostly from the European Union (e.g. European Research Council scholarships) to Hungary in order to increase the budget of our institutions
  • to establish a centre which would motivate talented foreign young people to settle down in Hungary

Laboratory of Dr. Márta Széll
Laboratory of Dr. Márta Széll, Szent-Györgyi Mentor, 2013