Szent-Györgyi Senior Teacher

Those who affect children’s imagination essentially influence their future existence as well. (József Eötvös)

Szent-Györgyi Senior Teachers are the secondary school teachers who constantly recognise young talents and provide them with additional, extensive knowledge of biology and chemistry. Their students also actively participate in the national and international natural sciences competitions.

Szent-Györgyi Senior Teachers select youths who have the opportunity to get more acquainted with the scientific activities of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Szeged and the Biological Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The most important tasks of Szent-Györgyi Senior Teachers are to introduce the selected youths to the Szeged Scientists Academy’s program, to encourage them to inquire into areas of research supervised by mentors of the Academy, and to emphasize all the potentials to reach the top of their profession with the help of the Academy’s scholarships.

With the assistance of Szent-Györgyi Senior Teachers, it is possible to achieve an interconnection between secondary schools and higher education, which then facilitates the development of young talents to become creative, successful scientists.

Currently there are 17 Szent-Györgyi Senior Teachers in the program representing a number of schools in different cities all over the country, and their mutual goal is to develop young talents into prominent researchers of Hungarian science.

Our Senior teachers: