Mentoring activity in the national and cross-border secondary school program is carried out by Szent-Györgyi Senior Teachers and Szent-Györgyi Teachers who are all secondary school teachers.

Szent-Györgyi Teachers can be those who, in the secondary school where they teach biology and/or chemistry, spot talented pupils and provide them with additional knowledge, and whose pupils regularly take part in the National Secondary School Competitions and other national and international competitions or tests mostly in the field of natural sciences. The Board of Teachers is continuously increasing. It is Szent-Györgyi Teachers that select the young who are offered the possibility to get to know the program.


Getting in and dropping out

The selection and invitation of Teachers is based on their previous talent management work. It is important to mention that the Teachers accepted to the program but not meeting the expectations will drop out of the program, and their places will be offered to other Teachers. It is the Education Committee that is in charge of inviting or dismissing Teachers.


  • assignment fee for their work
  • reimbursement