Szent-Györgyi Mentors have the opportunity to nominate a talented, young researcher working in their laboratory, to become a Junior Mentor of a Szent-Györgyi Student, who will take an active, daily role in their education.


Their main tasks:

  • They contribute to the Szent-Györgyi Student’s education

  • Participation at the spring and autumn Meetings of Nobel Laureates and Talented Students


Getting accepted and dropping out:

A Szent-Györgyi Junior Mentor must hold a PhD and be nominated by a Szent-Györgyi Mentor. The nomination is examined and approved by the relevant scientific supervisor. Junior Mentors who have been admitted to the program but do not meet the expectations will be dropped from the program.


  • They receive compensation for carrying out their duties


Junior Mentors in Budapest:


Junior Mentors in Debrecen:


Junior Mentors in Pécs:


Junior Mentors in Szeged: