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The Organizing Committee encourages you to contribute to the excellence of this Congress by sharing your results. Abstracts must be submitted electronically via our website. You must register your details before submitting your abstract.

The deadline for abstract submission is 16th January, 2012.

• Only original work, not published as a full paper, can be submitted. However, scientific data published previously in abstract format may be submitted.
• The Congress Organizers accept abstracts online only. Abstracts sent by fax, CD/DVD or e-mail will not be accepted.
• The abstract needs to be structured in the following way: author’s name, institution, title, introduction, objectives, materials/patients & methods, results and conclusion.
• You don’t need to provide degrees and titles of authors.
• The abstract should be as informative as possible.
• Provide a title (in capital letters) that clearly states the nature of the investigation.
• Please avoid the use of abbreviations in the title of the abstract. Abbreviations may be used in the text if they are defined at first usage.
• Please check your abstract for any spelling, grammatical or scientific errors, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted.
• Abstract length should not exceed 250 words (excluding the title, authors, and institutions). The submission program will tell you how many words you have used and whether you are over the limit. Tables and graphics will not be accepted in the abstract. Type or paste the abstract into the provided space.
• You may review your abstract at any time until the deadline or until you submit it.



• All accepted abstracts will be assigned to either an oral, oral poster or poster presentation at the discretion of the Organizing Committee after taking into consideration your presentation preference and the reviews of the Abstract Selection Committee. It is the policy of the Congress that abstracts must be submitted with the intention that, if selected, they will be presented. Please do not submit an abstract if you do not intend to present it at the Congress.
• The presenting author will receive an e-mail by 23rd January, 2012 regarding acceptance of the paper, schedule and presentation form (oral presentation, oral poster or poster). The program will also be posted at this website
• The Congress Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts that do not meet the scientific criteria.
• The Abstract Selection Committee will review all submitted abstracts. The reviewing process is confidential and the decision is final.
• When submitting a paper, all authors agree that the paper abstract can be posted at the congress website, printed in the abstract book and/or saved on a CD Rom distributed to the participants.




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