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Richter Gedeon NyRt.

richter_1.0      Headquartered in Budapest (Hungary), Gedeon Richter Ltd. is a major pharmaceutical company in Hungary and one of the largest in Central Eastern Europe. The company was founded in 1901. Gedeon Richter Ltd. is a regional multinational company in Central Eastern Europe and in the CIS, and has a growing presence through its commercial subsidiaries in key EU countries, Japan and the USA. Two thirds of its annual sales of more than 599 million USD in 2004 were exported to 80 countries (EU, USA, Japan, Russia etc.) The company has a worldwide presence through its representative offices, subsidiaries in 30 countries. It has production facilities in Russia, Romania, Poland, the Ukraine and there is one under construction in India. The product portfolio of the company includes more than 100 products and covers almost all important therapeutic areas. Based on its traditional skills in steroid chemistry, the company is a significant player in the gynaecological field worldwide. A significant part of the company’s turnover results from original drug research and development activity, currently focused on diseases of the central nervous system. Apart from original research, Gedeon Richter Ltd. is engaged in chemical process development and generics development. The company has received various innovation awards as an acknowledgement of its outstanding achievement in innovation.

Fully aware of its social responsibility, Gedeon Richter Ltd. supports projects in health care, science and education. The Company has organized various foundations and set up grants to help the training of young scientists, chemical engineers and pharmacists as well high school students talented in chemistry and teachers with an outstanding role in popularizing the subject. Besides sponsoring chemistry studies, Gedeon Richter has a strong presence as a patron at technical, medical and economics universities, too.

Hungarian gastroenterologists achieved a great success by winning the opportunity to organize, the European Pancreatic Club Congress in 2009. Gedeon Richter Ltd., the biggest Hungarian pharmaceutical company, is proud to support this meeting and the EPC2009 Foundation.


Dr. Ivett Csík
product manager
Gedeon Richter Ltd.