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City of Szeged

szegedDear Visitors,

On behalf of the City of Szeged I would like to thank you for your distinguished attention directed towards this International Congress Series. I warmly invite you to attend this conference in Szeged. We are known as a centre of excellence in the fields of education and science. As Mayor of Szeged, I always gave much attention to support scientific events in our town. The local organizers will enjoy my full support and we indeed will do our best to make this event unforgettable for all of you. Besides a successful and informative conference, you will also have the opportunity to see wonderful places, monuments, museums and other architectural, historical and cultural works of art found in our city. Why not book a boat trip on the river Tisza? Furthermore, you can try the world-famous Hungarian cuisine (e.g. goulash).

The city is very proud of hosting the 41th meeting of the European Pancreatic Club. We look forward to seeing you here.

I hope that you will enjoy your stay in Szeged.


Dr. László Botka
Mayor of Szeged